Civil engineer with city superimposed over of him

Public Service Maintenance that Requires Civil Construction

Civil construction truly shapes the world around us. It’s responsible for public service maintenance of structures and natural environments that are privately owned. Civil construction plays a vital role in developing and maintaining our communities, from arterial roads to community playgrounds.

In the blog post, we take a closer look at the often unnoticed and always underappreciated civil construction services at work in our communities.

Road Construction & Maintenance

Civil construction is continuously working to keep our communities moving. One such way is through regular road maintenance and construction. This includes everything from minor maintenance through to major construction. Civil construction handles resurfacing, road markings, the construction of roundabouts and traffic islands, and much more.

Civil construction happens with you in mind, whether a roundabout needs to be constructed to ease your morning commute or a pedestrian crossing needs to be installed on a busy road for a safer crossing. Roads networks are constantly adjusted to ensure safe, easy movement through our cities.

Cycle Paths & Walkways

Constructing a cycle path is an excellent addition to any community but can often be fraught with difficulties. Cycle paths are built in varying and often tricky terrain, requiring a mixture of concrete pathing, boardwalks, and bridges where appropriate. If the path follows a stream, care must be taken to ensure no environmental damage to the surrounding area. Civil construction services handle all of this and more.

Traffic Light Systems

Traffic signals are an essential component of urban living. They are installed and maintained so that when everyone obeys the road rules, traffic flows smoothly, and you get where you need to when you need to be there. Traffic signals fall under civil construction; services include designing traffic lights according to NZTA specifications, handling installations, and regular maintenance. All of this and more is achieved with minimal traffic and pedestrian disruption to keep our cities running smoothly.


Whenever a plane touches down on the runway, it leaves behind rubber residue, embedding it into the asphalt and creating long streaks of hardened rubber. This rubber build-up dramatically reduces friction and can pose a considerable threat to aircraft safety. This is why runway rubber removal is a vital civil construction service that is undertaken regularly to ensure the safety of everyone within airports.

Parks, Playgrounds, & Sports Fields

Your local playground also falls under the umbrella of civil construction. It covers the development, enhancement and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. From earthworks and landscaping to playground design and construction, civil construction services make it possible to keep you playing on the field!

Civil Construction at Your Service

In many respects, civil construction is the backbone of our community, ensuring our public service facilities are well-constructed and maintained. If you would like to learn more about the civil construction services available, get in touch with the TSL group today and see how we can help your next project.