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Waterblasting Services


On a mission to improve the quality and efficiency of durable road marking removal in New Zealand, we looked overseas for the latest in waterblasting technology.

Stripe Hog Waterblasting Systems remove all types of durable road markings and excess bitumen deposits from asphalt and concrete surfaces, with minimal negative impact to the surface. Applications include bitumen flushing, runway cleaning, and line marking removal. Markings are quickly and completely removed, speeding up your project timeline.

Our waterblasting service incorporates a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the road clean and near dry so you can repaint markings fast. The resulting debris is quickly de-watered so that it can be safely disposed of in a dry state, eliminating any risk of contaminating roadside waterways and the surrounding environment.

Stripe Hog Waterblasting Service

Stripe Hog Waterblasting Technology

Stripe Hog Technology can be used for a range of general roading and airport project applications.

Roads and Motorways

  • Road Marking Removal – Fast removal of single and parallel lines
  • Road Marking Cleaning – Improve the reflectivity of road lines
  • Road Retexturing – Remove excess bitumen and curing compounds without impacting the road surfacing
  • Surface Preparation – Prepare road surfaces for new markings quickly with rapid dry technology

Airport Runways

  • Rubber & Marking Removal – Cover large areas in a short amount of time
  • Runway Line Cleaning – Improve reflectivity and reduce the need for frequent repainting
  • Runway Retexturing – Helps to avoid friction loss

Why Choose TSL?

At TSL, we believe that the best way to build a successful business is to listen to your customers. When our customers said they wanted to achieve value for money and have all of their traffic management needs met by just one company, we set about developing a wide range of services that add guaranteed value in terms of time, quality, and function.

As well as providing efficient waterblasting services, we can work with you on traffic management projects, civil construction, safety surfacing, and more. We have been operating for over twenty years and have a wealth of experience as market leaders in civil construction and traffic services.

Contact Us Today for Efficient Road Waterblasting Services

Request a quote, enquire about our work, or speak with us to learn more about our road waterblasting services. We look forward to working with you to achieve your traffic management goals.

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