Traffic management technology – Traffic cones and signs set up around roadworks

Traffic Management Technology that is Essential for Roadworks

When road works are being conducted, it is crucial to have the appropriate traffic management technology in place to ensure the road remains safe for both motorists and those working on the roads. The traffic management equipment you hire will vary depending on the project scale, operation hours, and location. Here we discuss essential traffic management technology and when it is required.

Road Safety Barriers

Placing road safety barriers between vehicles and construction is essential to roadwork safety. Every worksite has hazards that must be separated from motorists and pedestrians. The surrounding conditions can also cause vehicles to lose control, putting the workers at risk. Proper placement of road safety barriers ensures traffic is safe while roadworks are undertaken.

Traffic Cones

They may not be the latest innovation in traffic management technology, but traffic cones are still one of the most valuable. The primary function of traffic cones is to guide or redirect traffic around roadworks, providing guidance for motorists to help them navigate around construction areas safely.

Impact Attenuators

Truck-mounted or impact attenuators are mobile barriers put in place to cushion the blow of potential accidents in and around roadwork sites. This traffic management technology is ideal for projects where the plan will likely change over time, and barricades need to be moved regularly. More permanent fixtures like concrete or water barriers will take time and effort to move back and forth. Attenuators can be driven into place, making them perfect for fluctuating construction environments.

Variable Message Signs

While conducting roadworks, the traffic conditions of the surrounding area will likely be altered. In these situations, variable message signs are a fantastic way to provide tailored information to motorists as they approach the worksite. These signs can be programmed to display any required message, warning oncoming vehicles of events in progress, reduced speed limits, alternative routes, or changed road layouts ahead. Information is critical when it comes to road safety, and this traffic management technology provides motorists with everything they need to know about the situation ahead.

Temporary Traffic Signals

Temporary traffic signals are safer, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional stop/go operations. Using traffic signals instead of manned stop/go signs has many benefits to your operation, such as:

  • Makes the environment safer by removing the worker from harm’s way.
  • The artificial lights are far more visible than standard stop/go signs.
  • You won’t need as many people to run the operation.
  • You remove the possibility of human error.

With highly advanced and reliable traffic signal units available, they have become the perfect solution for longer-term sites by improving safety, cost, and resource burden.

Create a Safer Worksite with TSL Group

By correctly using appropriate traffic management technology, we can create safer, more efficient roadwork operations across the country. Here at TSL Group, we are passionate about traffic management and want to work with you to help create safer roads in New Zealand. Get in touch today and discover how we can transform your worksite.