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Traffic Management Products


Effective traffic management requires reliable supplies and equipment. Maintain safety and efficiency at your construction work zone with temporary traffic control guides from TSL. Our portable traffic signals and variable message signs help you communicate with motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, protecting people as well as your assets and reputation.

Learn more about our traffic management supplies and products below, and enquire today with TSL for availability and a quote.

Traffic Control Products

Traffic control is a crucial part of any civil construction site. With traffic management equipment hire from TSL, you can minimise the risk of accumulated vehicle or foot traffic causing congestion issues with your job site. Explore our available traffic control products below.

Portable traffic signal available from TSL
Portable traffic signal hire from TSL


Our portable traffic signals are trailer-mounted and solar-powered. Built to last and to maximise visibility on Auckland roadways, they ensure road traffic or foot traffic are accurately informed of construction works and potential hazards.

Please call us at 09.829.2680 for a price or enquire with us online.

Variable message sign hire from TSL


These trailer-mounted variable message signs offer enhanced visibility for important work zone information. Messages can be changed quickly and easily, providing up-to-date information on traffic conditions, cautionary speed limits, or other incidents.

Please call us at 09.829.2680 for a price or enquire with us online.


Benefits of Traffic Management Supply Hire

TSL Portable traffic signal

Traffic management equipment can be costly to buy and even costlier to store. Hiring saves you expensive storage and maintenance costs while ensuring you’ll have access to the right quantity of the right equipment at the right time. Rather than maintaining purchased equipment that will wear over time and grow outdated, TSL ensures modern traffic management equipment in great condition. With friendly, personal service, you’ll also have a traffic management company in your corner that can help you with logistics, delivery, and installation.

Whatever your needs, TSL is here to ensure you receive the highest quality traffic management supplies, so that can complete your project safely and successfully. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our hire products for traffic management, check availability, or request a quote.

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