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Civil Construction Products - Resin Surfacing

For Roadways and Pedestrian Crossings


Resin safety surfacing on Auckland roadway, installed by TSL

Resin-Bonded Safety Surface Installation

TSL Safety Surfacing provides distinctive road surface treatment solutions using hot applied thermoplastic polymer and cold-applied MMA PlastiRoute. With over 5 years of experience in the application of resin plastic surfacing on New Zealand roadways, TSL’s resin surfacing division has proven to be a valuable civil construction product to our clients. We’re working hard to improve the visibility and safety of special-purpose areas on New Zealand roads.

TSL has applied this resin-bonded safety surface to bus-priority lanes, cycle lanes, motorway off-ramps, and pedestrian crossings across Auckland city with great success, increasing skid resistance and pedestrian and vehicle safety. Enquire today with TSL about the benefits of our safety surfacing options and request a quote for your project today.

Why Our Resin-Bound Surfacing Improves Road Safety

International research shows that urban “Slow-Zones” incorporating textured coloured pavements achieve substantial reductions in all reported casualties when compared with areas that have no traffic calming schemes in place. Additionally, local research states that loss of control on curves remains the largest cause of casualties on New Zealand roads. resin-bonded, high-friction surfacing services provide an added level of safety, traction, and caution to areas where pedestrians and vehicles share close proximity or where vehicles are more likely to change direction at speed. TSL is providing Auckland motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians greater control and security.

Our Safety Pavement Surfacing Products

Our range of pavement safety surfacing civil construction products includes PlastiRoute Hot Pour Text Print and MMA Cold Plastic, and are installed with the Stripe HogĀ® Waterblasting System. Explore TSL’s safety surfacing products below.

TSL's Safety Surfacing Projects

TSL has been installing skid-resistant resin surfacing for over five years now, for bus lanes, cycle paths, and more. With successful projects delivered throughout Auckland, we’re proud of the work we’ve done to make Auckland a safer city for pedestrians and motorists alike. Check out some of our recent successful projects below.

Contact Our Safety Surfacing Specialists Today

Request a quote on our civil construction products, enquire about our work, or hear about resin pavement surfacing straight from the expert’s mouth. Whatever the reason, day or night, we look forward to hearing from you.

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