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High Friction Surfacing


Our range of high friction surfacing products are used to create safer roads and pathways across Auckland. From creating slow zones to making cycleways and pedestrian crossings more visible, our road surfacing products can be used in a multitude of ways to improve travel for everyone on the road.

Browse our high friction surfacing products below or give us a call today to learn more.


We offer two main high friction surfacing products to improve road safety.

PlastiRoute: We offer PlastiRoute, an MMA cold plastic material for road applications. This high friction safety surface has high adhesion levels and can be used on concrete, asphalt, and over existing plastics.

It is primarily used to differentiate priority areas on the road such as cycleways, bus lanes, and pedestrian crossings. The surface material is skid-resistant and offers superior night vision.

TexPrint: This thermoplastic material provides a safe, skid-free surface for areas with both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. TexPrint is visually appealing as it utilises a traditional brick pattern design.

As well as brick-look surfaces, we can also provide other hot pour thermoplastic safety surfacing in a range of colours, to improve resistance and create different zones on the road.


Previous Safety Surfacing Work

We have been involved in many safety surfacing projects to improve roads across Auckland. Take a look at our previous safety surface work to see what we can achieve in terms of creating cycleways, special vehicle lanes, and more.


Proven high friction surfacing from TSL

If you need high-quality safety surfacing for your next roading project, TSL has you covered. As well as providing the best high friction surfaces in the industry, our expert team can take care of installation and maintenance. Get in touch today for more information about our trusted road safety products.

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