Parking issues – Line of cars parked on the street

Solving Parking Issues in Our Biggest Cities

Since the first automobile spluttered down the road, parking issues have been a headache for drivers and pedestrians alike. These problems likely won’t be going away anytime soon. But that won’t stop civil construction companies from trying! Discover some traffic management systems cities use to solve problematic parking issues.

Common Parking Issues Cities Face

Parking Space Shortages

The lack of parking spaces in major urban areas is a parking issue that plagues most cities. Going into the city almost always entails driving around in circles, looking for a parking space. When you do finally find one, it’s blocks away from your destination, adding time, stress, and hassle to your trip.

Ineffective Parking Space Utilisation

When specific buildings or businesses reserve parking spaces, it often leads to sizable amounts of unused space during various times of the day. These parking spaces are going to waste. Utilising the space we already have available is imperative for solving parking problems.

Out-of-Town Commuters Requiring More Parking

Large influxes of suburban commuters can put significant strain on parking facilities throughout cities. While those who live close to work can take public transport, walk, or cycle, those that live further afield need to drive, increasing the number of cars on the road and parking spaces required. Accommodating this spike in traffic during peak hours is a major parking issue cities must deal with.

Solutions to Our Parking Problems

Shared Parking Facilities

Shared parking facilities are a great way to better use the parking spaces we currently have available, avoiding empty areas for large portions of the day. This parking solution requires minimal physical change and focuses more on how we use the space.

Shared parking alleviates parking issues by moderating who can use the space for specific hours. For instance, an office might use most of the parking during the day but make it available for public access during the evening. Whichever way you allot the time, shared parking ensures parking is used efficiently.

Smart Parking Systems

Smart parking systems monitor parking space availability and relay this information to drivers through electronic signage or smartphone apps. When these systems are employed over a large area, finding a parking space will be far easier. With drivers knowing where and when parking is available, cities can significantly reduce street traffic as fewer cars will drive around searching for parks, making for less congested roads and a far more efficient parking experience.

Parking Doesn’t Have to be a Problem

Parking issues are challenging problems to solve, but by using innovative technology and efficiently utilising the space we currently have, we can work towards a future where driving around in circles to find parking isn’t necessary!

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