Repairing damage in asphalt surface

The Keys to Asphalt Maintenance

We spend so much of our lives travelling across asphalt surfaces. We’ve tripped on cracks and complained about potholes, so we all know how irritating the wear and tear in our roads can be.

Businesses like TSL work hard to ensure that our roads and footpaths are maintained properly and in a safe condition, but have you ever wondered what it takes to avoid the need for asphalt resurfacing and keep our roads in good shape? Below, we’ll run through our asphalt maintenance process to help you better understand the work we do keeping asphalt at its peak performance.

Why Does Asphalt Require So Much Maintenance?

It’s rare to find something that doesn’t require any upkeep. Think about how much traffic, whether people or cars, navigate our streets every day. That’s a lot of pressure to handle. Eventually, cracks will appear. Environmental and circumstantial conditions also place a lot of pressure on asphalt pavement. Stagnant water, hot sun, and roots growing beneath can weaken the asphalt. The longer these blemishes are left untreated, the more work they’ll require to repair.

Avoiding Future Damage

Being quick to react and identifying potential points of future deterioration is key to ensuring that our streets remain as undisrupted as they can be. Regular cleaning is important to remove anything that could potentially damage the asphalt. Street sweeping and regular inspections help stay on top of things and ensure that our roads continue to run smoothly.

If action needs to be taken on an area, it’s important to get it done promptly. If the strength of the asphalt has already been weakened, it’ll be much easier for the environmental conditions to speed up the damage, often resulting in an expensive job for our clients, and an enormous job for us.

Sealing protects the more fragile chemicals that make up the asphalt. It works like a shield and is the best way to protect the pavement from elements out of our control. The seal is effective in reducing damage caused by water, sun, oil, and more, providing the asphalt with an extra layer of protection and durability. To ensure chances of damage are as low as possible, consider replacing the seal every five years or so, and ensure that the roads remain as protected as possible.

Getting the Job Done Properly – First Time Around

Aside from the constant pressure and harsh conditions our roads and footpaths endure, one of the leading causes for the deterioration of asphalt is how it has been laid. Our staff work hard to ensure that they do their job with precision and detail. Quality machinery equipment helps ensure that asphalt is laid correctly, but how the asphalt is laid changes from job to job, mostly depending on size. Nowadays, often only the smaller, irregularly shaped areas are laid by hand, making the most of the technology developed to ensure that the result is a smooth and safe road.

The TSL Group has a combined 20+ years of experience, and they say practice makes perfect. This rich experience is what gives people confidence in TSL’s work, we have worked hard to expand our understanding of how roads are best built and maintained to produce a durable asphalt surface. We ensure everything is cured, laid, and sealed appropriately to deliver the strongest asphalt we can, minimising the risk of severe damage that would require full asphalt removal and replacement.

So What’s the Key to Successful Asphalt Maintenance?

There’s a lot that goes into keeping our streets in working order, but ultimately, it comes down to the quality of the work. If you do the job well, you can expect good results. For us, the key is experience and attention to detail. If the work has been done to the right standard, with regular seal coat replacements and maintenance carried out, our streets should remain durable for years to come.

Keep Moving with TSL

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