TSL worker removing road marking with water blaster

Maintaining and Modifying Roads with Water Blasting

Maintaining and altering roads has long been challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. With traditional civil construction services, roads are often left unusable for extended periods and still damaged after repairs. By using our water blasting technology to maintain roads, you get an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method of road marking removal.

What is Water Blasting?

Our water blasting systems work by directing highly pressurised streams of water through a rotating head at a given area, and the sheer force of the water delivered literally “knocks” the markings off the road surface.

The operator will adjust the water pressure to suit differing road properties and problems to ensure the final result is specific to the site. Not all roads are built the same, and they should be treated as such. This fine-tuning allows for targeted maintenance on any work site.

Using our water blasting system, markings are quickly and completely removed, with minimal impact to the surface, increasing the quality of finish and time it takes to get the job done.

Advantages of Water Blasting

Roads have a variety of markings. Water blasting is the only way to quickly, cleanly, and effectively remove all these markings while minimising the negative impact on the road’s surface.

Reduce Surface Damage

Water blasting removes markings without causing any significant damage to the surface. The surface will remain completely intact after the removal process by only using clean high-pressure water – no chemicals or additives. Unlike traditional methods such as grinding or gas torching, which will damage the surface, water blasting will not negatively impact the micro or macrotexture of the road.

Minimise Environment Impact

The two functions of our water blasting system are removal and recovery. The pressurised water reduces marking materials and other blemishes into fine particles. Simultaneously, a vacuum recovery system ensures that all removed water and debris are immediately recovered before entering the surrounding environment and potentially causing harm. Water blasting is the quickest, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly form of road marking removal.

Finish the Job Faster

Our water blasting systems make every job easy and efficient. By utilising a vacuum recovery system, we leave roads clean and near dry immediately after removal, meaning you can repaint markings right away. While traditional methods of removal may pose a threat to workers and the environment, water blasting is safe and non-toxic. This means we do not require exhaustive safety precautions, and the job can be done quicker and cheaper. There’s no need for extensive prep work or waiting time with water blasting. We can typically clean your surface and apply new markings the same day.

Find out Why Water Blasting is the Way to Go

While roads may be built for the long haul, they can’t make it through alone. Water blasting systems provide an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain our roads. Get in touch today if you’re interested in learning how water blasting can help you simplify and improve your road maintenance jobs.