Building a reputation as an innovative and highly regarded market leader in civil construction and traffic services is how TSL (Traffic Systems Ltd) has been running their business for twenty years.

At TSL, we believe that the best way to build a successful business is to listen to your customers. So when our customers said they wanted to achieve value for money, utilising just one company, TSL set about developing a business model that delivers a competitive advantage while adding value to project metrics such as time, quality, and function.

So when we saw an opportunity to improve the quality of roadmarking removal and add this function to our business capability we looked to America and their technology. Therefore we purchased the StripeHog. StripeHog Waterblasting Technology – completely and quickly removes all types of durable road markings and excess bitumen deposits from asphalt and concrete surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. Applications include bitumen flushing, runway cleaning, and line marking removal.

The StripeHog incorporates a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the road clean and almost dry. The resulting debris is quickly de-watered so that the debris can then be safety disposed of in a dry state, eliminating any risk of contaminating roadside waterways and the environment.

ü Road Marking Removal

ü Road Re-texturing & Bitumen Flushing/Watercutting

ü Surface Preparation

ü Runway Rubber & Marking Removal

ü Road Marking/Paint Cleaning

ü Curing Compounds Removal

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