Traffic Management

TSL ensures the safety of the public and workers on busy roads undergoing maintenance or new projects.

TSL safe traffic management maintains the efficient flow of traffic with a team of five level 2 – 3 safe traffic management supervisors (STMS) and six level 1 safe traffic management supervisors (STMS).

Councils, utility service providers and other contractors use TSL safe traffic management planning and implementation to provide safe conditions to get the job done.

  • Traffic management plans.
  • Road opening notices.
  • Road closures.
  • Site permits.
  • Traffic control set outs.
  • Barriers, cones, fencing.
  • Temporary road signs
  • Safe traffic management supervisors (STMS).

TSL offers a full range of traffic management equipment and traffic attenuation vehicles.

TSL – Keeping you moving.

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