TSL Asphalt Surfacing supplies and lays asphaltic concrete for car parks, roads, recreational courts, cycle ways, footpaths, speed tables and diversion bunds. We undertake asphalt pavement works ranging from small pot hole repairs through to 20,000sq.m. car parks and roads. TSL lays up to 10,000 tonnes of asphalt per year. The majority is machine paver laid – this gives better ride surface than hand laid asphalt. But for small areas (up to about 300sq.m) and for irregular shapes we lay asphalt by hand. The asphalt crew are well equipped with emulsion truck and trailers, a Bitelli 632 and a Neal DM 300 paver, 6 and 4 wheeler trucks, steel drum and rubber tyre rollers, plate compactors, digital temperature gauges and associated small tools. Our foreman has 20 years’ experience and the entire crew have years of experience. Our asphalt clients include:
Auckland Transport and Auckland Council (and prior city councils)
Auckland Road Maintenance Alliance - West
Universities and schools
Westfield Property Group
The majority of major earthwork contractors throughout Auckland
Property owners and tenants – industrial, commercial and residential
Recreational clubs for courts and car parks, etc. Ikram Patel, Manager of TSL Asphalt Surfacing, is a Civil Engineer with 10 years practical experience. He provides advice on pavement repairs and asphalt mixes appropriate for each pavement type. No Obligation asphalt quotes are provided within a few days of request. All work is carefully scheduled so that each client gets their job done when required.
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