Andrea Ransley

Andrea Ransley

Financial Controller

Andrea Ransley is the Finance Director of Traffic Systems Ltd, and as such is responsible for the overall company financial management, computer systems and direction of TSL. Andrea brings to Traffic Systems Ltd an extensive knowledge of company administration, computing and accounting procedures. Andrea was the Managing Director of Total Traffic Services for seven years and then the Business Manager of Tyco Integrated Systems for two years. She has been working within the traffic signal industry since 1994 and is highly regarded for her business acumen. Andrea acquired her management skills primarily within the computer industry, with which she was involved for ten years.

Prior to starting up Total Traffic Services with Paul in 1994, Andrea was New Zealand manager of a large international computer component wholesaler. Previously, Andrea was dealer manager for a software company specialising in accounting software. She was responsible for demonstrating software and encouraging sales through the dealer network.

Andrea also has six years experience working for another accounting software house where she was a software consultant. She was responsible for training, implementing and managing the installation of accounting software into companies. Andrea had to work closely with accountants and managers in the client organisation to decide on procedures and systems associated with the computer installation. Andrea showed particular aptitude for designing solutions and reports to give clients efficient, relevant and useful information from their systems.

Work History

1985 - 1991 Sales Account Manager – Intech Software Ltd
1991 - 1992 Dealer Manager – Global Solutions Ltd
1992 – 1994 New Zealand Manager – Computer Connection Ltd
1994 – 2001 Managing Director – Total Traffic Services Ltd
2001 – 2003 Business Manager – Tyco Traffic and Transportation
2003 – Current Finance Director – Traffic Systems Ltd

Relevant Project Experience

Andrea is responsible for all facets of company management, including general business, staff training and welfare, quality control, debtors and creditors, and general accounting. This is a varied and demanding position, which requires the unique range of skills Andrea is able to contribute to the role. Andrea’s specific skills provided the means for setting up and tailoring computers systems and accounting procedures within TSL to an efficient, streamlined process. This enables TSL to operate with minimal fuss, fully utilising up to the minute computer solutions, and to maintain low administrative overheads.

During this time, she has acquired an expansive knowledge and understanding of the traffic signal industry and its processes.

Specialist Capabilities

Greentree software consultant

scats operator knowledge

ramm database operator

quality systems experience

contract administration expertise


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