Brent McKay

Brent McKay

Brent McKay joined Traffic Systems in 2004 after working for Bishman Ltd Electrical Contractors as a general electrician.

Brent is the subject matter expert on the Eclipse TSC4 and the Aldridge TSC4 controller. He has a wide ranging understanding of the maintenance and diagnostic requirements of both software and hardware related components.

Brent has project engineered and supervised Traffic Signals and ITS contracts within the Auckland region and has responsibilities for undertaking pre-commission audits and quality checks.

As a senior technician and engineer, Brent holds responsibility for leading the signals and ITS team by allocating tasks and priorities. He chairs the staff safety meetings and is the link between management and staff.

Brent’s skill set includes an in-depth understanding of ITS, fibre networks, CCTV, intersection software communication protocols including the use of Multiplexes as control devices.

Currently Brent is managing several large Traffic Signal Maintenance contracts throughout the North Island including New Plymouth District Council, Hamilton City Council and Tauranga City Council as well as the Electronic Signs Maintenance contract for Hamilton City Council.

Brent is responsible for ensuring that the correct health and safety and traffic management requirements are fulfilled on all the project sites. He ensures that Traffic Systems Ltd fulfils all its contractual obligations to our clients.

Key Practical Experience

As Senior Field Engineer, Brent has had input into many of our successful projects including:

• New Lynn/Todd TOD – Stage 2

• SH20 Hillsborough Extension

• Cavendish Drive Upgrade

• Queen St (Auckland) Upgrade

• Highbrook Development (Manukau)

• East Tamaki Connection

As Technical Manager, Brent’s successful projects include:

Hamilton City Council Traffic Signals Maintenance and Upgrade

Brent is managing this significant on-going project encompassing maintenance for 80 intersections and pedestrian crossings, 5 in the surrounding district and an upgrade programme for several intersections a year.

Brent manages the software installation and undertakes defect rectification when software supplied is not operating correctly.

Having several staff working on this contract at any one time he is responsible for quality and safety performance on this contract. The contract has an exemplary record for service response, meeting deadlines, and adhering to quality standards.

Tauranga City Council Traffic Signals Maintenance

As Contract Manager for this project, Brent is involved in scoping the work, arranging resources including labour and vehicles, arranging the daily work plan and work allocation, and liaison with the council.

Brent has ensured that traffic flows continue smoothly, with minimal disruption to the public and while the work continues to meet plans and specifications.

Brent is responsible for the effective maintenance or all intersections and signals falling under this contract.

Technical Qualifications & Training

Registered Electrician

Cert Engineering (Electrical, Australia)

WTC6A Vector Service Connections Warrant

STMS Level 1

QTC, Tyco and Aldridge controller configuration and diagnostics training

CCTV, COMMS and UPS training & experience

Site Safe Commercial Passport

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