Vimal Prasad

Vimal Prasad

Traffic Management

Key Skills and Background

Vimal has been responsible for Designing, Developing, and implementing literally thousands of Traffic Management Plans (TMPS) in the wider Auckland area. These have covered small local events up to large events.
Vimal’s wide experience enables him to assess the likely level of disruption in other areas and to minimise the impact through good planning.
Vimal’s excellent knowledge of Traffic Management has been gained from more than a decade of first hand experience and as a result of this he has a detailed understanding of local Traffic volumes and patterns.
Vimal has also built up productive long –standing relationships with the Road Controlling Authorities.
Vimal’s natural leadership and mentoring skills enable him to foster a strong team spirit and build strong teams that are focused on delivering a quality service in a safe environment.
Vimal’s back ground and personal Qualities make him the obvious choice for this key role.
Vimal is responsible for the day-to-day programming and management of our Traffic Management and will be the point of contact for the client.

    Qualifications and Training

    • STMS Level 1-2-3
    • Working on the Roads G1 (TNZ)
    • HT Licence
    • HCH Codes of Practice    
    • Site Safe Commercial Passport
    • Safety Supervisor
    • Health Safety Awareness

    Specialist and Management Skills

    • Excellent communication skills that ensure effective ,on going liaison with all parties
    • Project Management ,experience capable team manager
    • Proven ability to organise and undertake training and induction of new operatives
    • Drawing Reviews (TMPS)
    • Quality Assurance
    • Excellent planning and organisation skills that include running publicity campaigns through the media to provide advance warning of Road Closures and other impacts 

    Career Summary

    • 2011– Present: Traffic Management

    Relevant Project Experience

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