Hamilton Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract

This contract is for the maintenance and upgrade of 100 traffic signals.  Scope includes scheduled preventative, 24 hour emergency and fault response, lamp changing, repair of cabling and electronic components, configuration of controllers, loop replacement, updating RAMM asset data, traffic management, and proactive equipment condition reporting.   Upgrades include intersection hardware and software, change-over to LED lanterns, new poles, controllers loops, cabling; integration with SCATS and provision of all as-built and RAMM asset data. 

The maintenance and upgrade work is often carried out in live, busy intersections where it is essential to minimise the disruption to pedestrian and traffic flows.

The scope of our maintenance contract includes a 24-hour service for emergency response. This is maintained through a 24-hour on-call roster for our technicians, through our Call Centre and dedicated emergency response phone number.

We provide a 7-day, 24-hour call-out service, an escalation pathway in the event of communication failure, and a mobilisation process in the event that an incident response requires more resources than a single technician.
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