Traffic Signals Maintenance and Upgrades 2004 – 2012

About Waitakere City Council

Waitakere City is the western city within the metropolitan Auckland region.

It is the fifth largest city in New Zealand, with a population of nearly 200,000 – and growing fast.

The city has strong environmental heritage, and markets itself as the ‘Eco-city’ of the region.

The Contract

This is a scheduled preventative and remedial maintenance contract for 68 sets of traffic signals.

We have held this contract since 2004, and recently re-won it for a further three years.

The scope of the contract includes:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Emergency and fault response
  • Routine lamp changing
  • Repair of cabling and electronic components
  • Configuration of controllers
  • Vehicle detector loop replacement
  • Asset condition assessment and reporting
  • Upgrades to hardware and signals controller software
  • Pavement re-instatement

As well as maintenance services, we upgrade the existing signals at a rate of between six and eight intersections per year, and construct on average about four new signalized intersections per year.

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